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Facility Management service

House Keeping & Gardening

Cleaning varandahs, Corridors entrance and public movement area in daily use.

Collection of waste, rubbish, garbage etc., from all areas and safe disposal of thesame to the garbage yard.

Cleaning the open space area inside the buildings and ensure the cleanliness always.

Cleaning of windows, doors, glass panes, electrical fitting in the buildings and ensure the dust free environment always.

Housekeeping work must be carried out without damaging existing infrastructure of the site

Cutting of tree branches and maintains the plant from garden area as per the client instruction.

Cleaning Toilets & bathrooms.


Following equipment’s are included in Annual Maintenance contract:

All Transformer and its protection system.

Operation of all DG sets

Operation & maintenance of Fire hydrant system like jockey pump, electrical pump &engine

HT panel and its protection systems viz. relays, trip circuits etc.

All switch gears installed in LT panels, measuring instruments, indications, bus bars,HT/ LT cables, Bus couplers and complete LT panel installed at different locations.

Checking of earth pits and taking corrective action for improvement of earth resistance if found improper.

soil Testing

All the distribution panels installed at various location for power and lighting and for UPS etc. including all out going switches, MCBs, fuses, MCCBs, FSU's.

Main incoming / outgoing air circuit breakers of LT panels.

Maintenance all types pumps and equipment.

Co- ordination with OEM / agencies who are engaged with company for equipment maintenance service.

Fabrication of piping items, in-house welding activities for breakdown & modifications has to be carried out ( M.S. welding & S.S welding)

Any other job related to electrical / mechanical new or old, which is assigned are to be done under you.

Maintenance of Utility services at STP Maintenance of RO plant.


Repairing of damaged plumbing lines inside factory premises.

removing/relocating of existing raw water & RO water lines, etc.,

Recording the water metre readings across the facility on daily basis.

Cleaning of Overhead tanks & Underground sumps on regular intervals.

Periodic checking of water lines for leakage around the facility and clearing the clogs.

Servicing of Sprinkler systems in the landscaping area.

To assist in RO water plumbing lines.

Learning new skills that can be adopted in the working environment.

Any minor plumbing repairs & Maintenance activities in the overall building.


Painter :

Carry out interior and exterior wall painting wherever required

Carry out furniture's polishing and painting across the factory

Carry out painting for all kinds of utility lines such as water, diesel, compressed air, Gas, acid lines and etc.

Carry out painting for earth bit chambers and number identification

Carry out floor marking, painting and stickering.

To assist maintenance and production personnel for fixing of sign boards and warning boards on the respective places

Carry out painting for all kinds of production machines & utility service,equipment’s, panel boards, power cable trays and other electrical systems.

Carpenter :

Repairing the chairs, workstations, aluminium partitions & other wooden furniture.

Creation of new cupboards, shelves, notice boards, etc.

Providing support to the layout modifications across facility (like dismantling furniture, workstations, doors, windows, etc.)

Maintaining 1s and 2s across the factory premises.

Measure, cut, or shape wood, plastic, and other materials.

Repairing of office furniture & equipment

Assisting in packing of machines using wooden planks.

Servicing of furniture, workstations, windows, louvers, etc.

Repairing all kinds of false ceilings.

Learning new skills that can be adopted in the working environment.

Mason :

Completion of Minor renovation works.

Repairing of building cracks & landscape area civil renovation like kerbstone, paver pitching works, etc.

Servicing of chambers, motor bed creation, etc.

Supporting the layout modification team

Carrying out the finishing works in walls like plastering etc.

Plastering of damaged walls, floors, etc.

Arresting the roof leakages.

Constructing of minor civil structures like walls, slabs, beams, etc.

Assisting in dismantling the walls for cables, pipelines and repairing the same after work completion.

Learning new skills that can be adopted in the working environment.

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